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Why Chris rides for the ADA

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Diabetes has no cure! Currently we can only try to manage it.  

We need to find a cure for diabetes,  Your donation will help!

More women DIE from DIABETES than from Breast Cancer

Diabetes is the largest cause of people going blind

Diabetes is the largest cause of foot amputations


The Rides for the


 again, for the third time!

Well I’ve forgotten about the months of preparation and pain, so it must be time to have another baby… no wait… that’s wrong… Time for the ADA 150 mile two day bicycle ride to raise mony for the ADA.  YA that’s it.

Please support me again this year with a donation by going to Support MeOr by sending Me a check made out to “American Diabetes Association”. Our efforts will help the fight against diabetes.  Help Make a Difference! Each dollar I raise will be used in the fight to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes.


I know times are tough, so every dollar you donate is generous, small or large your gift will help improve the lives of more than 20 million Americans who suffer from diabetes, in the hope that future generations can live in a world without this disease. Together, we can all make a difference!

Thank you for making a generous contribution to this cause that is so important to me! 

The Nitty Gritty of Diabetes;

Diabetes is a disease that affects every aspect of a diabetic’s life.  EVERYTHING a diabetic eats affects the diabetic’s disease.  EVERY physical activity affects the diabetic’s life.  You can’t just take a pill or go on insulin and live a normal life. Insulin is not a cure for diabetes it is a tool, and a tool that opens a whole new can of worms.   

Diabetes is the body’s inability to regulate sugars in the blood.  Blood sugars go way too low I die! Blood sugars go way too high I die!  Blood sugars stay high, I die slowly, by pieces (go blind, amputate feet…) Blood sugars swing high to low, I die slowly, by pieces (go blind, amputate feet…)  Diabetes carries an increased risk for heart attack, stroke.  Diabetes damages the kidneys. Diabetes causes eye problems that lead to blindness. One of the most common complications of diabetes is diabetic neuropathy. Neuropathy means damage to the nerves that run throughout the body, connecting the spinal cord to muscles, skin, blood vessels, and other organs.

We need to find a cure for diabetes, 

Your donation will help!


Chris Schuch


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