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My own reserve Hot Sauce This is a great Hot Sauce! Spicy with a complicated flavor!

You can buy the hot sauce Bottles.  See below.

Fresh made, ItS in there:

Hard wood roasted Habanero peppers, Water, Vinegar, Jalapeno peppers, Onion, Fresh Garlic, Fresh Ground black pepper, Fresh Lime juice, cilantro, other spices

The Nose of hot sauce is a sweet garlic aroma that tickles the back of your nose. With the first taste; the spiciness is most intense at the tip of the tounge and back of the palate. Then you notice Notes of fruit, garlic and almost lime come through.

The finish is a warm Glow!

I Use only the meat of the Habanero pepper which has the flavor (fruity), while hot the meat is not the hottest part, that part is reserved for the membrane that the seeds are attached to. The peppers are roasted over a REAL HARD WOOD charcoal fire (not a gas fire). I then blend with garlic, onion, water, vinegar.  After blending add fresh cilantro (chopped fine) and fresh ground black pepper.

Only $19.95 for each empty bottle.
Plus $7.95 Shipping where applicable.

Free delivery to my plow customers

I can load up your bottle with My special reserve HOT SAUCE. for Free

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