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Training rides 2010


Ok I’ve been a lax about posting, my training rides

I started Riding on 3/7/10 with 8 miles of flat road.  I am now up to 20 miles with 3 good sized hills in the ride. I’ve ridden 280 miles so far this year

Now that it has wormed up I can ride more often .  I have a hard time riding when the temp is under 65 degrees.  Leg cramps and burnt lungs from the cold.

May 5

Today was suppose to be a rest day. I was at the grocery store and started to feel a little low, So grabbed some potato chips potato is a fast BG riser. Well I cant eat just 1, by the time I got home Id eaten about 1/3 of the bag and My BG was 69 I knew it would be going up shortly, for I had eaten about 45 carbs. With a BG of 69 I would need 8 IU of Novalog for that many carbs. So I went for a bike ride instead I rode 5.5 miles in about 20 minutes. After the ride My BG was only 93. 1 1/2 hours later it was 96 No added insulin

As I continue to ride I have to reduce my morning Basal or I'd be running low all the time. In the last 5 days I've had to reduce my Lantis by 6 units and I'm going down 2 more units tomorrow morning.

tomorrow is 23 mile ride.

O well didnt do the ride endid up working all day__________________

I've fallen a little behind on my training and posting.

May 7
Friday; it rained (I do not ride in the rain)

May 8
Saturday; I finished my taxes (living in eastern MA I have until 5/11 to file my taxes(we had flooding last month and they extended the filing date for us))

May 9 th Sunday; Nope no ride

May 10th   Monday
Too cold only got into the 40s I have a problem with leg cramps. Riding in the cold really makes them bad. I found vitamin D helps.

May 11 th
Tuesday; today, again to cold... however, I have to ride so I broke out my rollers. God I hate rollers, all that work and you dont go anyplace. 1 hour on the rollers. No costing, No down hills Just peddling and peddling .

so far this year even tho the warm spring has let me start riding a month earlier than last year, mileage wise I am behind whear I was last year, ive got only 320 miles on this season.

The good news is my cadence is up to where I left off last year. My cadence is comfortable in the high 70s to low 80s and going up a slight incline I like the low 90s.

cold and rain every other day for the rest of the week So I'll have to ride the rolers.

May 12

59 days till the ADAs NEC 150
10 days to the Gloucester ADA ride

Today I got on the rollers again. I started with a BGL of 108, I was having a hard time keeping the energy going I had to stop every 8 minutes or so and let the energy catch up. I was also feeling it in my legs.  After 30 minutes I stopped and checked my BGL 85, that explains the loss of energy but not the legs. so I ate 2 nestle fun sized crunch bars and waited about 15 minutes, climbed back on the bicycle and started again. 10 minutes later I gave up. Now and then I find just cant perform on my rides. So I got off and was about to put the bike away when I noticed the resistance on the rollers was set way to high. I turned down the resistance, got on the bike, WOW I can, ride life is good. Finished my 1 hour ride 30 minutes later by BGL is 118, I ate the candy too late in the ride, I should keep going to get my BGL down but...

So I am going to ride in the ADA rides on the following dates
May 22, Gloucester, MA
June 12, North Haven, CT
June 13, Derry, NH Gear man is hosting a 50 mile training ride and cookout for registered NEC riders.

July 11 -12th the NEC 150


May 14 Friday
Didn’t ride, after tracking down parts for work I spent the rest day tracking down spokes, rebuilding my rear wheel and rotating the tires on my bicycle. So I planed on riding a 30 mile loop on Saturday. The weather is suppose to be ~70 sounds good to me J

You know I have a tube of icing I use to control my BGL when riding. I keep it in my jersey pocket (riding jersey’s have the pockets in the back, at the small of the back). which I have a hard time reaching. I was trying to figure out how to make a holder for the tube around the handle bar where I could get at. When my wife handed me a soft sided eye glass case. Perfect!! I tie rapped it onto my handlebars and drop in the tube.

Saturday may 15

65 degrees out and sunny, where are the 70s!! I need to ride! Its cold for me, so I put on my leg wormers and debate about the long sleeved shirt finely went without it.
I had planed on the 30 mile ride but was running out of time, I needed to back and ready to pick up some one at 4:30. I had spent the morning scrubbing the bathroom and kitchen floor with a scrub brush and pail of soapy water. I checked my BGL 85 nice, to low for riding, so I had a sandwadge with 2 slices of bread (22 carbs). Got the bike out and dressed checked my BGL 30 minutes after eating still 85

OK had 2 pieces of candy and started the ride. It was chilly but I pressed on. Have I told you I hate hills and I have a big one 1.5 miles from my house. (OK not big by some standards, but I still hate it).

So far this year with few exceptions I have not been feeling good about the riding. I feel like I’m having to force myself to peddle, and not in the groove. Today was no exception I am peddling and doing it to get ready for the ADA’s NEC ride. At mile 5.8 I have some iceing. And push on.

I don’t seem to be able to find a comfortable cadence. At mile 8 my average speed is 13.7 way below last year at this time. As I am contemplating the fact that every year me ability to ride has diminished. I notice I made it up the last hill at a good clip, now in the flats I am moving along. I relies I’m feeling GOOD!! I’m spinning in the mid 80s, my speed is up I feel GOOD!!

I remember from years past that as I train I go foreword 2 steps and back one. I remember many a ride where I gave up after 3 miles just could not do it, no energy getting to the legs. Then one or two rides later, I find my ability takes a leap foreword. Well I just had one of those leaps. I tend to improve in leaps and bounds.

I head up the last hill for home and I am cruising right along. It is the hill that is 1.5 miles from home. When I leave home it is short and steep. Going to my house it is long and gentle, I can cruse up it (well sort of). Any way Im averaging 14.7 MPH now that means cince mile 8 where I averaged 13.7 Ive had to average 15.6 to make the average now of 14.7. I AM CRUESING!
I feel so good I add one extra hill and 3 miles to the ride

I finish the ride with an average speed of 14.8 over 22.4 miles. My frosting holder works great.

30 minutes after the ride my BGL is 145 . Ate frosting too late in the ride? 1 hour later 118 Liver dump from the exercise?

6 days to Gloucester

55 Days to the NEC


May16 Sunday
Hi all

Life is good. I had a great ride today.
my BGL was 104 this morning. I reduce my Lantis by 2 each day I ride my 20 miles if I miss more than 2 days I start to increase it 2 for each day I miss riding. So far that has worked, I took 60 IU this morning.

Today I rode with a friend (yes I have a couple of them) and his 10 year old son. At 12:30 my BGL was 111 when we started the ride
We rode around the neighborhood then headed over to an old military base now a nature preserve. they have some roads through it that you can ride on. Long long story, I knew the place 20 years ago. any ways the roads where in terrible shape and some of them where dirt and sand, ON A ROAD BIKE Any way it was a gentle ride so I had very little of my sugar tube, just a taste really.

so 10 miles and 1 hour later we are back. I had some fruit and nut cubes, 2 of them about 1/2 inch on a side while they packed up and went home. Then I went on my 20 mile hilly ride. I was all wormed up so I attacked the "hill" at the start of my ride and continued on, it was at mile 8 that I had my first shot of tube sugar and kept going I had a second and final shot at mile 14. I actually was doing good my cadence was up there, I could do the hills without dying, about 2 MPH slower than when I'm in shape but I felt good doing it, and at the end I still felt good.

My BGL 30 minutes after riding was 123 1 1/2 hours later 85
2 hours after dinner, Hamburger patty cheese, cauliflower mashed with butter and yogurt, salt, pepper and a touch of fat from the berger.(almost like mashed potato's, needed Parmesan cheese) I am at 93 .
tomorrow is a day off then I ride Tuesday, Wednesday. Off Thursday, ride Friday and the Gloucester ride Saturday, 31 miles a piece of cake.

I like riding,

5 days to Gloucester

54 Days to the NEC


Friday May 21

Hi all

I’m back; well I didn’t ride all week after my Sunday ride. I did get out there today and rode 30 miles.

As you know I’ve been cutting down on my Bolus by 2 units every time I ride. Well that is not enough, I’ve gone from 68 IU of Lantis in the AM, two weeks ago to 58 this morning. Even though I did not ride this week I found I had to keep cutting back on the Lantis as I was running a little low if I did not eat between meals and snacks.

So today I started with a sandwich 22 carbs Before I ate BGL 92. 40 minutes later I was 99 (for that many carbs I used to tale 8 units of Homolog) and started my ride. Since I was going to ride I took no insulin.

I was going to do my 30 mile loop, I just had the 22 carb sandwich, my BGL was not high enough yet so I took a piece of “fun sized” nestle crunch bar. On this ride I want to ration my energy a little better. I decided to try a slightly higher cadence going up hills and not quite as fast on the flats. By mile 3 (you know my BIG hill I was feeling good. I went 8 miles before I had my first slug of frosting, a small one at that.  I had decided to take more smaller shots of the frosting. I noticed that my cadence has continued to improve I am quite happy peddling in the mid 80s. By mile 20 my average speed was 14.7 best this season. I was however feeling it in my legs, since I was going to ride 31 miles in the ADA Tour De Cure in Gloucester tomorrow I decided to slow down a bit.
By mile 25 I was running out of energy, so I stopped and checked my BGL, 99 Not high enough for riding so I took a Good shot of frosting and waited 5 minutes. Then finished the 30 miles in fine shape.

10 minutes after the ride my BGL was 89 (30 minutes after the shot of frosting).
Did some errands and at 6:30 I was 64 So I had 1 “fun sized” nestle crunch and some cheetos. Well 1 hour later I was 177.

My legs are still feeling it a little, so tomorrow will be a slow ride (ya rite)
My 177 BGL was at 7:30 its now 9:30 and my BGL is 91. I expect less Lantis tomorrow again.

I could use you help with my fundraising. When I sighned up for the New England Classic ADA ride (150 miles in 2 days) I had to guarantee to raise $600. so far I’ve raised $120 ($20) of that was from me.

Go to
Tour de Cure:
It is an ADA website.

Gousester ADA ride

Saturday May 22

HI all
What a glorious day it is
Went to bed at 11:15 last night, woke up at 4:00 AM got up at 5 AM. Car already loaded for the 1 1/2 hour drive to Gloucester for the Tour De Cure ride. They have a start time of 8: AM for the 30 mile ride

Arrived at the Gloucester High School at :10 before 7, Had to wait for registration to open. I got to go to the short line for Red Rider registration (finally an advantage to being diabetic).

(*&$%^()* I left my riding gloves at home.

Last year they had 5 or 6 booths with sponsors, A yogurt maker, a crunchy cereal maker, and others. This year NADA, I was expecting to eat breakfast of crunchy cereal and yogurt. Over in a corner I finally found some donuts, bagels, muffins and coffee.

7:45 AM BGL 135 OK about to ride. My wife is going to go sightseeing so I figured I’d be back in 2 ½ to 3 hours, what with rest stops and stuff. The announcer gives the Bla Bla speech about road safety and says there is a rest stop every 12 miles. 8 AM we start. I wait,,, till all the riders that are ready have left and I head out. I try NOT to pass anybody, at the start of the ride, for the first 5 miles or so there are so many riders (I’m guessing at 150 on the 31 mile ride) that the road is so full of cyclists that we cant go very fast. If I rode at my normal speed I'd be passing them all, until I got caught up in the main pack traffic jam.

By mile 8 it started to thin out and I started to pass people (see I’m good)

Gloucester ride is HiLLY not big hills (although there are 2 good ones) but you are constantly going up or down, there is very little flat. And the roads are terrible pot holes rough patches. Pipe lines laid down and the new blacktop Not up to road level. By mile 8 my average speed was 11 mph when I was able to pass people.

Mile 12 came, no rest stop. My average speed is up to 13.8 and I feel good. I am continuing my new riding style of conserving my energy. I am doing a little better than I did last year on this ride. Last year they had the rest stop in a church parking lot at mile 12, not this year. I had been rationing my sugar to have a break at mile 12 so I could have a banana. No rest stop, no Banana so I had some sugar. Finally at Mile 15 there was the rest stop.

To this point I think only about 5 riders have passed me, were I have passed like 60 or a 100 riders (see I’m good)

I pulled in and checked my BGL @ 9:10 AM it was 135… No Banana I took time to call all my supporters (1 so far) and check in with them.

After 15 minutes when most of the riders had left the rest stop I got back on the bike. The flattest section is also where the most traffic is, down town Gloucester. Between miles 18 and 21, At mile 21 (only 6 miles from the last rest stop they had the second and last rest stop on the 31 mile ride. It was just past down town Gloucester. I stopped in for 5 minutes, Finally had ½ of a banana and headed out. Now right after this rest stop is the biggest hill on the ride 150 ft high. I cruised up it, I am happy

My legs are happy …. Oops the last 2 miles my left leg was thinking about trying to cramp. But it was only thinking.

I finished the ride in fine shape in just about 2 hours including rest stops. My average speed was 14.2. :30 minutes after I finish my BGL is 82.

I hung around waiting for my wife with the car, when she got there I changed and we went to Causeway Restaurant for seafood. BGL now 79 @ 11:12 I got fried clams Sue got Fish chowder and a salad. The fish chowder was Fish, onion, fish, cream, butter, fish and 1 cube of potato. It was exultant ! My clams were so good I did not need the dipping sauce (tarter sauce). I ate too many of the French fries…. We wrapped up the extra fish chowder and left. In the car I took my BGL 124 @ 11:38 wow up 45 up points in 26 minutes. I took 10 IU of Homolog and we headed home. 1 hour later 12:36 I checked my BGL 154. I figured I had taken too little log but I was driving so I didn't want to take too much. Its now 2:51 and back down to 78.

I had fun, had a great ride, feel good. Feel like I’m headed in the right direction with my training.

Dont forget you can sponser me at
Tour de Cure:

Saturday after the Gloucester ride I sat in the car for 5 hours, I drove from Glousester to home then 4 hours to Saratoga springs in upstate NY to visit with family.  My legs didnt know what to do.  we got back Monday night.

I have High blood pressure, I had read on a forum where a guy had ridden his bike to the MD office. After a suitable cool down he saw the MD, and got his lowest BP reading.
So….. I went for a ride Tuesday morning (I had a MD appointment at 11:30) after 4 miles I was doing good and ready to do more, I would have, but I was running out of time.
So 10 miles at 14.8 MPH average.

At the MDs my BP was 146 so maybe it helped or just riding in general lowerd it?



Wendsday May 26th

Another day another ride.

Yesterday was an easy ride… HAAA
I went to my sisters house and from there we rode to the Chelmsford - Lowell rail trail, a brand new paved rail trail of 7 miles.

On the way to my sisters I stopped at McDonalds for a burger. I take off the bottom bun and through it away (don’t need ALL the carbs) any way I was getting out of the car (with my TDC jersey on) and the guy parked next to me said “Hi, I see you rode in the TDC” We chatted while he ate an ICE-CREAM. I turns out Mark is a TeamType1 member. He was part of the teem that set last years record.

Check my BGL 102 at 10:30 AM, I ate the burger.

The ride to the rail trail was 5.5 miles from my sisters house and the trail was 7 miles long. So 24 miles total should do it.

We start the ride about 11:00 AM, my sister has a Highbred bicycle and has only ridden a couple of times this year. I figure a nice easy ride for me. To help step it up for me, I would charge up the hills and go back to ride with my sister up the hill again. This sounds like a good idea but she was good enough that I only got to re do the last ¼ of the hill.

Did I mention it was over 90 degrees out yesterday

We got to the rail trail at about mid point in the trail and headed north, in about 3 miles we came to Chelmsford center. What a mess, a busy center with 5 roads coming together and very poor pedestrian markings.

We kept seeing Lines with numbers painted in the trail. 3.50 3.00 2.75 2.25 they were going down as we headed north and were the rite distance apart for miles. We got to the north end of the trail and number 1.25 was 200 feet from the end of the trail

We turned around and headed back through the mess at Chelmsford center were we stopped and got some more water at a foodmart. I said to get a gallon of water, my sister went in while I stayed with the bikes. She came out with 1 16 oz bottled water. So I went in for more water, a 1 liter of bottled water was $1.59 a gallon was $1.39 .

I came out of the foodmart and checked my BGL, at 130 it was a touch high but not bad. It was about 2 hours after I had eaten the burger. Since it was an easy ride Id only had one squeeze of sugar at mile 8.

I drank water and filled my water bottle with water and powdered sport drink. Toped off my sisters water bottle, pored some down her back (did I say it was well over 90 degrees my cycle computer has a thermomiter in it and it said the temp was 102). Dumped the rest on some plants.

Back on the bikes we headed down the rail trail, I can tell when my sister is getting tired, she cant hold a constant speed. She slows down then speeds up for ½ mile then slows down. I was not surprised when we got to where we had entered the trail my sister wanted to head home. We decided she would wait while I continued down to the southern end (2.5 miles further) and back.

We got back to her house at 1:00 2 hours and 11 minutes, I rode 26.7 miles after a cool down I drove home at 2:30 my BGL was 81 I ate a sandwich of 22 carbs and took 5 IU of log. After 2 hours my BGL was 100. Before I started riding that many carbs would have needed 8 IU of humalog, so my insulin resistance is going down.

BTW my cycle computer temperature gage reads high when it's in the sun. but Boston tied a record of 96 yesterday


I’m running late on the training ride blog

May 29th Saturday.
I did my work and errands in the AM, as I was about to get ready to ride I looked out at the lake and saw rain “They” had said maybe some showers. So every time it stopped raining I started to get ready to ride only to have it start to rain again. Then at 3:00 it just rained for 3 hours… so no rid Saturday.

I had started a new drug on Wednesday morning a diuretic. The last time I was on a diuretic last year it sapped all my strength, removed my drive to do anything, made me dizzy and depressed, and screwed up my BGL for a couple of hours (went up by 70 Pt's). This time…. The same thing was starting to happen so I cut the pills in have. Now ½ hour after I take the diuretic I get dizzy for about ½ hour. Ain't drugs fun! But the other side affects are much less.

So Sunday I ride. I did not want to I was draggy felt like no energy and I DID NOT WANT TO GO OUT AND RIDE

At 1:10 I had a sandwich 22 carbs Since I was going to ride I reduced my Bolus by 25%, OK I promised myself that if I cant make the "hill” at mile 3 I’ll go back home. at 1:52 as I was getting on the bike I checked my BG again 93 , What The … I even took less Bolus for lunch, I ate 2 pieces of candy and started the ride. I hate it, I had to push (really exert myself) just to maintain my normal speed. Even the flat before the hill I had to push.

OK I’m at the hill and I hate it I push…. Push… and am up the hill not bad speed going up not that badly winded. So I continue, I’m just not up to it, usually by mile 5 I start to enjoy the ride. Mile 5 came and went euc I’m pushing hard and not making my times.

At mile 8 I quit my average speed was down to 12.9 MPH I should be ~14.5 MPH. I check my BGL, 83 no wonder I got no energy I take a big slug of frosting and wait for 10 minutes. Back on the bike, I feel I have to push to make it up the next hill. Again I get to the top and my speed up the hill is not bad. But on the flats it feels like I have to push myself to keep me from slowing down to 5 MPH. At mile 12 more frosting. I finally finish the ride. I did not enjoy it, I never got in the grove I was pushing the hole time.

I finished 22 miles, My average speed for the ride was 14.6 MPH That meant for the last 2/3 of the ride I had to average ~ 15.6 MPH That is a great average no wonder I felt like I was pushing hard… I was


Sunday 30th
23 MIle ride I stuck my two loop together Life is good. After 1 hour I was running out of steem so I checked my BGL 83, too low so, more frosting and off we go.  End of ride my BGL was 113 so I done good with gessing my cargs.


Monday the 31st

Next Sunday I am riding in the Narragansett TDC ride, I signed up for the 60 mile ride and to date, the longest ride ive done has been 32 miles. So, I think I’ll run my two loops, for a total of 40 miles, with the 21 mile hilly loop ridden second. With a rest stop at my house for a water refill between loops at mile 19.

I start at 1:30 with s BGL of 128, since I know I have a second loop to ride I try to take it easy on the first loop. I go slower on the flats and for the up hills, I spin (peddling fast so I don’t have to press hard). I take a squeezes of my frosting every 5 miles. By mile 10 I’m having a problem with my energy.

I finally get to my rest stop 14.6 MPH average a good speed totally un expected. I check my BGL… 136 a little high. If my BGL gets below 100 when I’m riding I notice a loss of energy, so that cant be it. Then I realize…. I did NOT take my Lantis this morning, That would explain the loss of energy, no insulin, my muscles cant take in the sugar to work. And the BGL goes up.

Well now what? I can take Humalog for the rest of the day, but at night it means I’ll go high unless I get up to inject in the middle of the night. Or I can take the Lantis now, and then tomorrow I can take it at the regular time of 8: AM. Of course with that much insulin in my system in the AM I’ll have to eat extra all morning . Or just take the Lantis at 2:00 PM tomorrow and move it up 1 hour everyday until I’m back to my regular time of 8: AM. I choose the latter.

So I fill up the water bottle with POWER AID ZERO and water, and fill me up with Lantis. Hop on the bike and start the second Hilly loop.

OUGH…. Cant get in the grove cant push it, I crap out on the second hill drop it in first gear (I have a verrrry low first gear called a bailout gear). And I creep up the hill, cant even spin with the bailout gear. The flats OUGH the hills OUGH. I end up in the bailout gear for ALL the hills.

I am also starting to get cramps in leg (biceps Femoris long head I think) and my left foot hurts so bad (in the past I’ve had Neuroma in left foot that was treated with cortisone) I stop and take off my shoe for 5 minutes at mile 13.

I finally get home at 4:30 with a BGL of 101 and an average speed of 13.8 for the 22 miles on the second loop. That make the 40 mile average of ~14.1 Ok but I’m pooped and cramping all over. My back my legs may arm. Not fun…

Next Sunday I’m riding 60 miles in the Narragansett TDC Not redy.


Wednesday the 2nd
A friend comes over for dinner and a short ride. I take him on a 9 mile loop.

He has a new single speed bike (there the new fashion)

Starting BGL 108 some candy and off we go. I knew it was a short ride so I was riding fast. Being 5 years younger and in better shape he sort of blows me away,
I did however post a new (for this year) highest average speed of 15.1 MPH.
Finish BGL 127

I am paying for that with cramps… again.

4 days to the Narragansett TDC 60 mile ride

39 days till the NEC 150 and $480 short


Thursday June 3, 2010
Went on this years first bicycle club ride. On Thursdays they have a “fitness ride” starts at 6:30 PM and you have a choice of 11 miles or 18 miles. It is a fitness ride for the rout was specifically chosen to go up as many hills as possible in the mileage.

Since it was this years first “fitness ride” for me, I opted for the 11 mile rout.

We had thunder storms come through the area about 1 hour before so the roads were damp. (I almost didn’t go for I DON’T RIDE IN THE RAIN)

Only 4 people showed up for the ride and I was the only one doing the 11 mile ride. So off I go. So I was attacking the hills spinning up them. The 11 mile ride has 5 good hills and its roaling between them. So it is a work out. On the last hill I needed my bailout gear, however I was able to spin up the hill.

I did the 11 mile HILLY ride with an average speed of 14 MPH Not bad and it felt good.

Now after the ride I’m getting all kinds of cramps

3 days to the Narragansett TDC 60 mile ride
37 days till the NEC 150 and $480 short

Saturday June 5th
OK so this Sunday I am riding 60 miles in the American Diabetes Association’s Tour De Cure (TDC) in Narragansett RI. The longest ride for me this year so far. I am riding it as a practice ride for my mane event, the 150 mile TDC New England Classic (NEC)

I went for a ride today I did not want to do a hard ride as I want to be fresh for Sunday. I did my hilly 20 mile ride.

I have a problem of marshalling my energy. I tend to ride too hard in the beginning of the ride and burn out prematurely. I found myself doing just that, I had to keep throttling back.

What I don’t understand is I start at my house I go up 5 sizeable hills with a bunch of rolling hills in between, and I end up at home. The part I don’t understand is I only have 2 down hills, How can I go up so much and still end up at the same altitude as I started?

Anyway My BGL at the start was 105 so I had ½ a PBJ sandwich and headed off. Of course the first hill I had to power up. No wait take it easy, I had to keep throttling back, I wanted to gooooo. I am feeling good, my lungs are happy it’s the legs that get tired going up the hills. But I am enjoying the ride. I think I am getting to the point where I am in good enough condition to enjoy the ride.

That was until about mile 14… a narrow road with a small hill and a 90 degree corner at the top. A guy in a car just had to pass me on a blind corner, he couldn’t wait 20 seconds until he can see if the road is clear. This time a car was coming the other way. So as this guy is passing me he slams on the brakes AND pulls to the right pushing me off the road. I was very lucky, there was not a tree or stonewall rite on roadside (in New England the sides of small roads are usually lined with trees and stone walls).

Ok enough venting, I finished the ride and was feeling good not winded, or sore (the cramps came later) I would actually like to ride some more.

8:30 BGL 129 a little high But I’ll take it, by 9:30 BGL was 105

I think I need to go up on my morning Lantis as my between numbers are starting to creep up.

I am doing this to rais mony for the ADA (it also helps with my diabetes)

Please donate to the ADA ALL donations are tax deductible.

Please WE need the support.
Click on underlined text to donate.
Tour de Cure:

1 days to the Narragansett TDC 60 mile ride

The NEC 150 July 10 -11 still $480 short



Narragansett TDC 60 mile ride

It is Tuesday, I rode in the Narragansett ADA ride on Sunday I did the 60 MILES (dam near killed me).

OK Since the start of ride is 2 hours from home, I need to leave home at 5:30 AM. I packed the car and all my stuff Saturday night and checked the weather. It looks BAD “they” are predicting sever thunderstorms and rain starting mid morning for Boston. I go online and check the TV stations in RI to see what they have to say. One station (the only one with a weather video) says the storms lower edge will dry up as they move east and the bulk of the storm will stay to the north of Providence.

I finely get to sleep about 11:30 PM and wake up at 4:30 get up at 4:50 to shut off the 5:00 alarm. I check the radar.. It looks bad, a BIG round BLOB of green yellow red and purple. It is headed ENE and will take about 5 hours to get to us. It looks like the bottom edge will just nick the Narragansett area, unless it dries up.

So we head out at 5:45 (15 minutes late). Now Narragansett is someplace you cant get to from my house. By highway you make a big “S” to get there. My mapping software has us cutting the lower part of the “S” off by using side roads to go strait down. At 6:00 AM there should not be much traffic so OK we’ll go that way.

We missed the turn off the highway by about 12 miles so we decided to finish the ride on the highway. We got to Narragansett and I got a Dunkin donuts sausage egg sandwidge for breakfast (I through out the bottom have of the bun) and had my metformin and Lisinapril on time. We got to the start at 7:30 AM as planed. I register and went back to the car to inject my Lantis. My lantis pen is all used up, I forgot to put a new pen in my kit yesterday when I finished this pen.

Now What… I decided to do without, I’ll be doing a lot of riding and last year I went without insulin on the 2 days of the NEC (on purpose), and I have Humalog if needed.

I change into my riding gear and start out at 8:15 since the start of the 60 mile ride was 8:00 AM I am definitely the last to start, as planed.

It is cool and humid, I forgot my leg wormers ()*(^% . It takes about 8 miles to get out of the “city” type roads. By mile 10 I feel pretty good, it is starting to worm up, I’m cruising along and were in the country. Some of the roads are in pretty bad shape. Some from years of patching and neglect and some from recent storms. We pass several washed out bridges and plenty of areas where the shoulder is washed out from the more recent storms.

Mile 20 is the first rest stop. A fire station. I guess I’m smarter than your average person, I parked my bicycle AWAY from the role up doors (you know in case of a fire so the trucks could get out). But many people just leaned their bikes against the doors, which prompted someone to announce every couple of minuets “please don’t put your bikes in the way of the fire truck doors”

By the rest stop I was feeling a little out of energy, I checked my BGL @ 10:00 it was 115. I remember being told by my diabetic nurse that I need some insulin in order to use the sugars in my blood, so I injected 3 units of novalog and ate ½ banana, water. The next rest stop is in only 13 miles, that leaves 27 miles from the last rest stop to the end of the ride, a bit far.

My average speed to this rest stop was 14.2 MPH, I could take it a little slower.

So after 15 minutes I head out, determined to take it a little slower.

Since I took a little insulin, I increased my frosting intake. Every 5 miles and as always I drink gasoline (my friend calls my drink, its watered down “PowerAde zero” so it looks like gasoline).

About mile 25 a cold wind come in and the sky got dark, I hope this aint a indication of rain (I hate riding in the rain). I was doing good until mile 28 then I was running out of power.

I pulled into mile 33 rest stop and checked my BGL 83 This rest stop was at a hall of some sort, and was rely nicely stocked. They had bananas, 3 kinds of cookies, fruit, sandwiches, brownies and a flush toilet. It would have been heaven except for the sand parking lot.

I ate ½ banana, 2 rely good oatmeal raisin cookies, strawberries and water I waited 15 minutes and headed out.

I waited TOO long, within ½ mile I started to get leg cramps, on my left leg, at the top of the peddle stroke my thy cramped, on the bottom of the peddle stroke the inside of my thy cramped, and on my right leg my calf was cramping. I figured once the muscle wormed up it would go away. WRONG it got a Little better but if I peddled to fast or stopped peddling ZING>>> CRAMP.

It was also definitely windy and cold. We turned south onto 1A and hit a head wind so strong I had to peddle DOWN the 10 mile downhill I just peddled up for 4 miles. We spent the better part of 15 miles of the return trip on RT 1A Not a nice road for bicycles

I was rely running out of energy and cramping and had a cold headwind. NOT a happy camper.

I stopped at mile 53 and sat on the sea wall and checked my BGL 76 I had a big swig of frosting and got back on the bike and pushed (I mean pushed even though I was not moving fast).

About mile 56 The “Pod Squad” was sponsoring a rest stop. I think they are T1 children, looked like about 15 of them with robin egg blue T shirts on. Being only 3 miles from the finish I dared not to stop, so I waved as I rode by.

About 1:30 I finished the ride overall average speed was 13.6 MPH. I was cramping no matter which way I moved one muscle or another would cramp.

My BGL @ 1:42 was 72 I ate some frosting. When my cramping subsided enough I went inside to check in. in the hall they were serving spaghetti, and I had 2 that’s right 2 plates of spaghetti. I signed up for a massage given free of charge by CCRI. I was number 17 in line so I went in to the boys locker-room and had a shower, NO hot water, only 2 of the 6 showers worked, only 1 bench in the entire locker room. At 2:20 my BGL was 85 what, no insulin, missed my Lantis in the morning 2 plates of spaghetti and only 85 .

After waiting almost an hour (lots of people wanted massages, it was my turn… AHHHHHH that was nice my legs felt good. Unfortunately my legs did not like getting up off the table for the next lucky recipient.

We left and found a clam shack on the breakwater by the ocean BGL@3:08 was 74 We had one order of fried clams $24.00

3:38 BGL 93 going up so back in the car and head for home.

We got home it was 6:15 and my BGL was 123 remember the only insulin I’ve had was the 3 IU of novalog at 8:am.

I was beat, went to bed at 9:30 with a BGL of 111 I did not take any insulin as I was afraid of going low at night. (usual bed time is 11:00)

I woke up at 3:30 in the AM and checked my BGL 132 so I had 5 units of Novalog (my normal would be 10 for that BGL. I woke up again at 7:45AM checked m BGL, 99 went back to bet and slepped until 10:30 That was 13 hours of sleep

At 11:30 Monday morning I had 25 IU of Lantis, my normal dose is ~ 58 in the AM. All day Monday I lounged around with VERY sore legs and my BGL never went over 128 even with ½ of my regular Lantis dose.

This morning I took 50 IU of Lantis, so far so good

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Kennebunk TDC ride


I had a great time in Kennebunk


OK Friday night it was raining so I couldn’t load the car, I made piles of stuff in the middle of the kitchen.

This time I double checked my insulin supplies.

Went to bed at 10:30 was up till 11:30 woke up at 2:00AM, woke up again at 3:45 AM and was awake till the alarm went off at 4:45AM it was still dark outside!  By the time we left at 5:15 AM. The sky was getting light. 

Before I went to bed I checked the radar and it looked fine for Sunday in Maine. I even checked the local (Bangor ) TV for online weather and he clamed that any mist or fog would burn off by mid morning.

We loaded the car and left at 5:20 AM.

As the sun came up and we could see the sky (or not) it was not looking promising. I had to use the wipers ALL the way up (90 miles).

We arrived at 7:15 AM rite on time.

It was FOGGY and misty,  I went in and registered and had pancakes.  They put out a spread for the riders eggs pancakes (just what diabetics need, at least they has some sugar free syrup available).

I was talking with one of the volunteers and he assured me the weather would clear up.

The sky, what I could see of it was wet

I don’t ride in the rain… OK I just drove 2 hours and it should clear up   SOOOOO

I went to the car and took my Lantus, since I would be riding 60 miles I took 25 IU of lantus, my normal AM dose is 58 IU.  I changed in to my riding gear plus a long sleeved T shirt under my riding jersey and I wore my leg wormers.

I put a plastic bag over my leather seat and the small bag under seat..  I started out 25 minutes late.  There was very little traffic and by mile 2 we were out in the country, and I could NOT see a thing! I ware glasses, and they were all covered in mist. I was soaking wet by mile 4. 

Have I mentioned that I have muscle cramping problems in the cold? Well it was cold and damp. 

I was definitely conserving my energy this ride. After the pancake I did not have any frosting till mile 8, and then a small squirt at that.

By mile 6 I passed 3 riders WOHO..

and at mile 8 I passed  5 riders (I could tell they were fast riders)... OK the only reason I passed them was it takes 5 fast riders to change 1 flat tire.

The first rest stop was at mile 12 where I ate ½ a banana and a piece of cinnamon role Mm Mm good.

The next water was suppose to be in 10 miles, but I missed that stop (probably couldn’t see it.  It was still misting out, in fact it was getting offly close to RAIN.

O.. ya that group of fast riders, well they just sort of flue by me at mile 16,  I mean, I looked like I was going backwords they passed me so fast.

I was doing good otherwise, I was managing to control my energy and by mile 30 rest stop I was wet and cool but no cramps. My feet got wet through the riding shoes, and I could tell that all the road water was full of sand that was being deposited on my bicycle (that is another reason I don’t ride in the rain the water caries sand and it gets carried with the water into EVERYTHING. 

My BGL was 147 so I didn’t need much food so I had ½ a banana. I also noticed that my average speed was 14.9 MPH             Must be because this is the flattest ADA ride I’ve been on.

Did I say the rest stops where well stocked with goodies.  Bananas, oranges and then some had cookies or chocolates, brownies stuff like that. They had water or gateraid The full sugar one!!!!!!

I stayed to long at the rest stop, for I started to cramp a little when I rode away. So for 3 miles I didn’t do any coasting I peddled all the time to get my muscles wormed up. It worked.

Since mile 19 we where running along the oceanfront. The only thing good thing about fog is there isn’t much wind if its fogy, the bad thing is IT’S WET.  We ran along the seacoast for about 22 miles, other than the waves we couldn’t see more that ½ mile at best, and with my glasses I couldn’t see 10 feet it felt like. We road through Wells ME and Kennebunkport past President Bush’s house (couldn’t see it)

 Mile 42 rest stop, still drizzle and fogy, now I just resign myself to a wet cold ride no sun no clearing.  One of the volunteers said that the ride from the rest stop goes out to point and back a 4 mile trip, the view from the point is of ….. FOG.  So we could take the road opposite the rest stop and cut out the trip to the FOG overlook.  I opted for that. At this point we head away from the ocean, That means going up hill (any time you turn away from water you go …..  up hill.

It was slow going to the next rest stop 15 miles.  And it seamed to get even wetter I could feel the water run down my back and into my shorts. I also felt some rain drops, Since I did not stay long at the last rest stop I had no problems with cramping. We passed several alpaca farms along the way.

Those “fast” riders I got to pass them again…. Ya they were changing another tire.

This rest stop was at “the seashore trolley museum”  I stayed even less at this rest stop as I wanted a hot shower and to get into dry clothes.

Once on the road the drizzle cleared up and the road was dry  (*##&*%^ the last 7 miles were dry.  I was starting to run out of umpf but with only 5 miles left I didn’t want to take any frosting.  I was saving up for the bergers and pulled pork waiting for me at the end.

Then I see a sign “3 miles to go” and I recognized the road we were on, it was the road to the school that they used last year. This year we started at the high school about 2 miles further around the corner.  

I pulled in to the high school with much fanfare and cheering, some of it was from me. I got off the bike to great my wife, CRAMP I had to get back on and ride around for 15 minutes to cool down. 

I rode 63 miles in 4 ½ hours at an average speed of 14.9 an unbelievably fast time for me, and I still felt good.

I put the bike in the car and checked my BGL 81  I ate a piece of candy and headed for the shower.  The locker room had benches and showers that worked with hot water, it was marvelous. While showering I overheard a couple of guys talking, they averaged 19.6 MPH, ON THE 100 MILE RIDE.  Boy do I feel small.

Out in the courtyard they had a smoker going making pulled pork hamburgers, pizza.  They also had chicken sandwich, salad and ice-cream balloons and a big line at the massage tables, 7 of them.

Every now and then a cheering ROAR would rise up drowning out all speech as another  rider or riders would come in.

I had the pulled pork first. I wondered around for a wile, and heard “all Red Riders meet at the Red Rider  tent for a group picture” OK I wondered around looking for the Red Rider tent,  not only could I not find it but no one else had any idea that there even was one.  I found a group of Red Riders, non of them seemed to know either so we went over to a red tent. That seemed to work. Pretty soon a photographer showed up and snapped a bunch of photos.

I then went over and stood in line (outside) for a massage (outside) cool and damp is not the best place for a massage.

Got in the car and checked my BGL 120  OK head for home.

By far the Kennebunk ride is the nicest ADA ride I’ve been on. The best roads, the nicest drivers (cars and trucks) the best après-ride spread and Pre-ride too.

I did not go to the CT ride I took a look at Google street view and saw that the ride was mostly urban, and some of it on major  4 lane roads with no breakdown lane to ride in.

I did not have the lasting low BGL levels and low insulin usage as I had from the RI ride. The RI ride BGL affects lasted for 4 days where I had to slowly increase my insulin back to my normal 58 IU (remember, I ran out of my Lantus on the morning of the ride) This time I was back up to normal insulin the next day.

I have however lost 10 pounds so far.  Now I know quite a bit of that weight loss is water from the diuretic I’m on, as the swelling in my legs has gone down.



Hi all

Ive been having a terrible time trying to ride ever since the Kennebunk ride.

Monday the 14th

I check the radar (they are calling for storms to arrive later in the evening).  It looks like I got about 1  ½ hours before the rain shows up so I head out with high hopes of doing well on the 22 mile hilly loop. 

I get to mile 1.5 and there is a break in the trees so I can see the sky, and the sky don’t look promising, low dark clouds not far away.   But I have faith in my radar reading so I continue on.  ½ mile later I cross a small river (I have a theory, when ever you go away from water you go up hill) “THE HILL’ is on the other side of the river so my theory holds true.  Anyway as I cross the river I can see the sky and it really looks ominous, then I smell rain… you know how you can smell a summer rain storm.   Well after riding in the wet in Kennebunk I have NO desire to even chance it so I head home 2.5 miles.

I get home and no rain, so I decide to do some adjustments on my seat and handle bars, and take very small rides around the block to test out the adjustments. 

I make an adjustment to the handle bar and go for a ride around the block, I get 300 ft and feel rain drops on my arms.  I turn around , head home.  No sooner than I get in the door when the sky opens up in a deluge.

Rode 6 mules


Wednesday 16th

 I finely get a ride in  a 22 mile hilly ride. I am pooped no energy cant ride fast ether up the hill ( I kept ending up in my bailout gear) or even on the flats. I mean its bad no oomph. And my average speed showed it 13.8 MPH That is bad.  It may only be 1 MPH slower but that is a BIG difference.  The last time I felt like this was last year when I was on diuretics. MMMM I’m on them again.


Friday 18th

 90 degrees out and I’m working on a car in a parking lot, so I’m hot. On the way home I stop for an ice-cream. I usually only eat ½ of the ice-cream but I took my BGL and at 103 I decided to take 9 units of humalog, so I ate the whole thing.  Well, I got home and my BGL was 150 !  So, I jumped on my bike and rode for 37 minutes… that dropped my BGL to 81


Saturday 19th

 Tomorrow some of the NEC volunteers are putting on a practice ride for the NEC. Complete with swimming and cookout.  I did this ride last year and had a great time. Even though the guy, Gearman, that made up the rout in southern NH, is a sadist, in the 50 miles of the ride we clime MORE in elevation than in the 150 miles of the 2 days of the NEC. So I decided to rest today.


Around 10:00 am I checked the NEC facebook page where I found an entry from Gearman, in affect saying “its midnight and I will see you all tomorrow”  sent 10 hours ago.

Holy crap that means the ride is today not on Sunday. _)*(&^$%$%&*() It takes 1.5 hours to get there so there is no way I can make the ride.   I call up Gearman and apologies for not coming for the ride. I decide I’ll ride 22 miles here and then head up for the cook out.

I end up doing only 18 miles because I was running out of time if I wanted to do the cookout.  And again it was not a fun ride, no oomph. This is not good.

I get to the cookout and the men have been back for about ½ hour and the woman are still out riding.  After the women got in we heded up to Gearman’s house for the cookout.

Gearman put on a great feast smoked pork chops, chicken, Italian sausage, hamburgers, hotdogs... beer.   Around 4:00 a couple had to head back to Boston.  About 45 minutes later as the rest of us are getting ready to leave Gearman gets a text message on his phone RT 93 is a parking lot. So we hang out for another hour, eat and drink more before we all leave.


Monday 6/21

 OK going to ride. I start out and decide I am going to push on the ride I’m not going to let 13.8 stand as my average speed.  After the first hill I’m wiped. I pushed up it in good time but I don’t recover fast enough, my level ground speed is suffering badly.

Then at mile 8 I feel the rear wheel is hitting the bumps wrong.   (&*%R$#$%*& FLAT tire.   I have not had a puncture since I went to Kevlar tiresin 1996.   I find a shady spot and take the tire off.  The tube comes out in 2 pieces, the tube and the valve stem. I put my spare tube in and pump up the tire.   I said PUMP UP THE TIRE… it wont pump up. ^%$#  I check the pump, works fine.  Ok I take the tube out and pump it up to look for the hole (I don’t know why, I don’t have a patch kit anyways) I cant find a hole.  So I put it back in the tire and pump it up… PUMP IT UP… )(*&%^$##$ no good wont pump up.  I brake out the cell phone and call home for a ride.

At home I cant find a problem with the tube..  then I see the problem. If you put the pump ALL the way down on the valve it holds open the valve so when you pump air in on the compression stroke it works BUT when you pull the pump handle out it sucks the air out of the tube since the valve is held open. Solution DON’T PUT THE PUMP ON ALL THE WAY UNTIL IT BOTTOMS OUT ON THE VALVE STEM.


Wednesday 23rd

 Ok bought a new lightweight tube 15 grams lighter for an extra $10. and installed it. Have new riding gloves. So I force myself onto the bike and head out.  I get about 1 mile and the shifter is not right,  by mile 2 it wont stay in gear it keeps dropping to the highest gear. So I turn around and holding the shift lever to keep it in gear get home, total ride 6 miles.

Turns out, my bike fell over on Sunday and bent my gear shift lever. Well it was not bent as much a cracked.  So now it wont stay in gear.  I have my gear shift levers at the ends of the handle bars replacement shifters are ~ $80 ouch.


Thursday 6/24/10

I went to a bike shop and got a new set of shifters today. I have moved up to the the 1980s I now have index shifting on my rear cluster WOOHOO.

We had severe thunderstorms this afternoon so I didn’t get to ride in the clubs Thursday night Hills ride. Instead I rode my rollers in front of the TV.  I did real well, I quit my diuretic 2 days ago and all ready I can feel more energy coursing through my veins.  I rode for 1 hour AND during the commercials I did hill climbs (set the resistance high and push).

Tomorrow is suppose to be nice so Ill ride tomorrow too.






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